Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Two of the partners in the billion dollar scheme that artfully funneled sanctioned Iranian oil around global regulations prohibiting its sale, Babak Zanjani, and Alireza Monfared, are both in custody somewhere in Iran's warren of black prisons. Zanjani has been sentenced to death, for stealing billions, and Monfared, a suspected rogue Iranian intelligence officer, is detailed indefinitely, without trial; both are isolated from the world.

We know that both Iranians controlled a dodgy offshore bank, First Islamic Investment Bank, known to be OFAC-sanctioned, as is Zanjani; both also have another thing in common, which they obviously used, during the period in which they illegally moved Iranian oil. Both Zanjani and Monfared have bogus passports, credential that they employ to masquerade as citizens of Denmark . No, Denmark does not have a citizenship by investment program; these documents are fraudulent, though they do pass scrutiny. Who in Danish government was bribed to obtain official blank passport forms, and create the documents, I wonder, and how many Schengen Zone countries did they transact illicit business in, using those travel documents ?



Wire transfer instructions, and email correspondence, confirms that payments made by Iran international oil sanctions evader, Alireza Monfared, to obtain a diplomatic passport from senior officials in Dominica, were diverted, by the head of the country's CBI program, to a personal bank account of one of the individuals who operates the illegal program. Emmanuel Nathan, who is the senior CBI official in Dominica, ordered Monfared's  agent to send the money to an account of the "Portsmouth Service Station;" that is definitely NOT a government account; it belongs to one of people who operate the Diplomatic passport sales program, a scheme that violates the Vienna Convention on diplomacy, which was adopted by the United Nations, and is therefore binding upon Dominica, a UN member.

Perhaps a view of the documents might afford better understanding of the timeline. These documents speak for themselves, and are a damning indictment of the players, who are all government officials and leaders, at the highest level, an organized crime syndicate, using official positions for personal monetary gain.

Friday, July 21, 2017


The attorneys for Mehmet Hakan Atilla, the Turkish banker charged with IEEPA violations, and bank fraud, in the Reza Zarrab Iran oil-for-gold sanctions violations case, in US District Court in Manhattan, have requested that their client be released on bail, citing difficulties that he has had, due to being repeatedly moved between pretrial detention centers, with assisting his counsel, and reviewing the massive amount of electronic discovery. Atilla's counsel has proposed a detailed set of conditions, including house arrest, with monitoring, in New York City, and mortgaging all his real estate assets, which they contend are sufficient to insure his appearance at future proceedings, and at trial.

The nine page letter to the Court also argued that there are both procedural and substantive defects in the indictment, which counsel states is "eminently defendable,"and appeared to minimize his involvement and culpability. The Government alleges that he participated in what has been described as "Economic Jihad," and that there there were forged or fraudulent documents, and incriminating emails chaeged to this defendant. Though Atilla's close connection to Zarrab is alleged. his ties to Alireza Monfared and Babak Zanjani have not yet been specifically alleged; most likely, we must wait for the trial for that information.

Thus far, there has been no bond granted to defendants in this case. We will report on the Court's ruling when it is handed down.  

Thursday, July 20, 2017


This document* shows that Alireza Monfared was arrested, in Malaysia, on November 27, 2015, on a warrant issued by the Islamic Republic of Iran. It details his Iranian, Dominican CBI, and Dominican diplomatic passports, which were seized at the time of his arrest. Malaysian sources have confirmed that Monfared was held by the authorities, for ten days, and released, after he claimed diplomatic immunity, based upon his Dominican Diplomatic passport. Monfared had no diplomatic assignment, nor title or position, in Malaysia, rendering his status illegitimate as a diplomat, under the Vienna Convention.

He is one of a number of foreign nationals who, when being taken into custody for criminal matters, have attempted to cheat justice by asserting diplomatic immunity, all using the bogus Dominica diplomatic passports they purchased. Notwithstanding his fugitive status, Dominica gave him refuge, and failed to turn him over to INTERPOL agents.

* The name of the arresting officer has been redacted for privacy reasons.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Former Panamanian president Ricardo Martinelli's July 25th Extradition Hearing has been reset to August 3rd, after his counsel moved for a continuance. A motion for reconsideration of the motion to set bond has been denied. The Order recited: "The Court's order denying the Motion for Release fully sets forth the Court's analysis of the unavailability of bond in this case, and the Motion for Reconsideration provides no ground to reconsider that Order. In addition, the primary authority cited in the motion is not ane xtradition case, so its relevance here is non-existent." 

Martinelli faces multiple criminal charges in Panama; many Panamanians fear that he will evade justice, though in most cases extradition orders are generally issued, assuming the documents meet certain minimum requirements. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


For those apologists from Dominica's government, who still insist that Alireza Monfared was properly vetted before being given both a Dominica CBI citizenship, and a diplomatic passport, take a look at these documents. He was an officer of the First Islamic Investment Bank Ltd.*, sanctioned by OFAC years before Monfared  ever sought a Dominica nationality, and diplomatic passport. The correspondence identifies him as an "authorized signatory" of the bank.

Did I mention that another senior bank officer, and bank owner, is Babak Zanjani, Monfared's partner, who, along with Reza Zarrab, ran Iran's massive oil-for-gold sanctions evasion program, out of Labuan, Malaysia's prime offshore tax haven ? Look again at the documents, and check out the date. Zanjani has been sentenced to death in Iran; Zarrab is looking at 75 years in a Federal Prison.

This totally and completely destroys any claim that Monfared's dark past was not easily accessible. If I was a betting man, I would venture a guess that the due diligence firm, engaged by Dominica, found it, but certain greedy Dominica Government officials ignored it, and took Monfared's cash, thinking that they are immune from prosecution. Perhaps someone might want to explain who Joon Kim, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York is, and that the Money Laundering Control Act confers extraterritorial jurisdiction.
* Labuan IBFC records show that the First Islamic Investment Bank lost its charter on July 18, 2014.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


A civil forfeiture action, filed in US District Court in the State of Texas, seeks to seize more than $144m in assets, linked to the corrupt former Nigerian Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Alison-Madueke, who has money laundering charges pending in both the UK (FCA) and Nigeria (EFCC), confirms that Dominica's "due diligence investigation," allegedly undertaken before selling Madueke a Dominica Diplomatic passport, in 2015, was either an utter failure, or a complete fabrication.

Madueke, whose UK residence contained millions of dollars in cash, when she was arrested, reportedly accumulated, with two confederates, $1.5bn in Nigerian oil revenues. It is important to note that the US forfeiture lawsuit*, filed by the Government of the United States, asserts that the illegally-acquired assets, which amounted to laundering illicit profits into an $80m yacht, and a $50m New York City condominium, and California real estate**, all took place between 2010 and 2015. This is a period prior to the alleged due diligence investigation, supposedly conducted upon Madueke, culminating the award to her of passport DP0000445, on May 21, 2015.

Furthermore, the vetting of Madueke was completed in only six days, an extremely short period, during which an investigation would have been required to be conducted, and finished, in Nigeria, and in other jurisdictions. This is an impossible task for any  compliance officer, or team of investigators, which has been claimed by Dominica.  And who was doing it anyway, as the diplomatic scheme is NOT part of the CBI program.

Finally, the suspicious role of Baroness Patricia Scotland, who reportedly acted as the intermediary, introducing Madueke to Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, who  hand-delivered the passport to Madueke in the UK, adds even more fuel to the fire. Scotland, whose controversial election to the Commonwealth Secretariat, alleged lavish spending habits since taking office, and experts have doubted that there was even questionable legal standing to qualify her for the position, raise even more questions about the legitimacy surrounding Madueke's acquisition of the passport. Scotland, whose attorneys have aggressively targeted media reports about her activities, to keep them from the public, knew or should have known about Madueke's situation, but still recommended her to Dominica.

Madueke attempted to evade justice, by asserting her "diplomatic status," when arrested in London, but to no avail. Was that the true reason she purchased one ? Remember, Alireza Monfared, the Iranian oil sanctions evader, used HIS Dominica diplomatic passport to escape arrest in Malaysia.

If there were any illusions about the legitimacy of the diplomatic passport program of Dominica, the US Government lawsuit certainly has shattered them. A rogues' gallery of criminals acquired their diplomatic status, bought and paid for with dirty money, which the current Dominica government was more than happy to accept, no questions asked.  
*United States vs. M/Y Galactica Star etc., Case No.: 17-cv-02166 (SD TX).
** 1049 5th Avenue, units 11B & 11C, New York, NY; 807 & 815 Cima del Mundo Road, Montecito, California,